An accident turns to inspiration

One clumsy day…

I shattered my wrist spectacularly. Seven pins, two plates and a huge foam box later, I was sore, teary and miserable.

Before I knew it, I was lying in hospital wearing an old frayed hospital gown that I couldn’t fasten. Every time I got up, I had to carry my foam box while keeping my drip intact. Concealing my bum was low on my priority list.

But at least I wasn’t alone. I was privileged to see many bare bottoms that week!

I couldn’t help but wonder…

Was all this humiliation necessary? Does everyone really have to wear the same dreary hospital gowns? Why can’t I wear something more stylish that reflects who I really am?

That’s when Hospital Glamour was born

We all know that when we look good, we feel great too. So why not enjoy that feeling when you need it most?

Hospital Glamour is all about style and individuality. Every quality item we create is classy, comfortable and of course, functional.

We hope you enjoy shopping our range.

Sharon Beveridge
Co-Founder, Hospital Glamour

For style and individuality during your hospital stay, Hospital Glamour is the only way.