Spoiling You for Anything Else

Hospital Glamour gowns are made of 100% high quality cotton – carefully crafted to make you feel cosy and pampered. But the benefits of our luxurious fabric and smart designs don’t stop there. Here’s why only the best will do when it comes to your hospital wear.

Perfect for sensitive skin

Our high quality fabric is non-allergenic, which means it does not irritate sensitive skin.

Exceptional air circulation

Our gowns’ unique fibre structure encourages high air circulation, ensuring that the fabric breathes easily and is comfortable to wear. This exceptional air circulation also helps to remove and absorb body moisture — drawing heat away from the skin while keeping your body cool and dry at all times.

High absorbency

Our highly quality cotton also ensures high level of absorbency. Hospital Glamour gowns can take up to one fifth of their weight in liquid before the material begins to feel damp.

Easy to keep clean

Hospital Glamour gowns can be kept clean and fresh easily when compared to synthetic materials which retain bacteria and smells.


Because cotton is a natural product, it’s sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. This means – both you and the environment are benefiting from the best product on offer.

Luxurious trimming

Every one of our gowns is trimmed with grosgrain ribbon which looks beautiful and enhances durability.

Convenient pockets

Hospital Glamour gowns come with two pockets – perfect for your phone, tissues, lip balm or whatever you like to keep close.

Easy access

Each gown has shoulder and placket snaps for easy medical access and breastfeeding. And because snaps are made of nylon, they can be used with medical imaging equipment.

Perfect for all shapes, sizes and tastes

Available in a wide range of designs and colours, all women’s gowns are A-line cut (men’s aren’t).